Saturday, November 24, 2012

Broken Neck Mountain Expedition I Report



By Paul Hayes

The Broken Neck Mountain Expedition went well, I was proud to lead this expedition with some of the very best Field Investigators in the Bigfoot Community; the team consisted of (myself) Paul Hayes, Tim Stover, Karlie White, Melissa Hovey, Wayne Larsen and Ed Wilend. This team was very professional and they all performed exactly as expected. I would also like to thank, Dan Baker, for doing a wonderful job of keeping the community up to date about the expedition. I would also like to add that if Dan didn’t hear from me for a while he would get ahold of me to see what was going on.

I have personally been keeping track of this active area for almost one year now and I have been in contact with the owner and we have talked many times about different things that have happened around that location and I have also visited the site. I felt it was time to assemble a team to go investigate this area and see what type of evidence that could be notated.

The Broken Neck Mountain Expedition was a success, after careful planning, picking the right time, assembling teams into pairs and placing them in strategic places throughout the property it paid off. The owner made us a map of all trails and markers on the property for easier surveillance and placement of equipment.

The team arrived at the location at approximately 10:30 a.m. September 29, 2012. After talking with the team members, meeting the land owner for the first time, we proceeded with a pre-investigation so team members could evaluate the property and make notes on the layout and surrounding areas. This area is heavily populated with a number of water sources and an abundance of food that consisted of berries, corn, soybean, roots and nuts and also wildlife.

The team met back at camp after a few hours of investigating the property we returned to basecamp and went over the mapped area and decided to split the team into groups of two people and place them in different areas throughout the area. There was one exception. Ed Wiland was at a location by himself (team four).

Team one was placed at the far end on the lower portion of the hill not far from camp.

Team two was placed on top of the ridge line in the middle of the property.

Team three was placed on the backside of the property below the ridge.

Team four was located at the spot where the deer with the broken neck was found. Not far from the location of Team One.

*The Landowners were present for the night operations, but remained at basecamp to observe.*

After sitting there patiently waiting, it was not long into the night that Team One observed eyeshine approximately fifty yards from their location. This eyeshine was red in color and seemed to disappear and reappear. This lasted approximately fifteen to twenty minutes. Team One was in radio contact with all team members alerting them of the activity that was going on. There were no lights being used but the moon was full and starting to move over the top of the trees and moonlight could be seen shining through the trees.

A member of Team One spotted the eyeshine directly to our left to the right side of the trail and had seemed to move closer to our location then disappeared into the darkness after moving across the trail and moving up hill toward Team Two. Team Two was alerted to this activity to be aware of any type of movement or eyeshine in their vicinity.

Approximately twenty minutes later Team Four alerted all the team members that he witnessed something walking past a blue glow stick that he had placed in a tree approximately six foot high and said it seemed to be moving toward the swamp area below the ridge on the back side of the property. Between all of the activity two of the teams heard some type of howl and what seemed like rock clacking between Team One and Team Two and everybody was alerted via communications.

The activity seemed to come to a halt. At approximately 10:45pm so we all decided to regroup and head back to camp and we would go back to our locations at a later time. Most of the team members exited the wooded area into the bottom field heading toward basecamp and upon arriving at camp the owner advised us of eyeshine and what sounded like a large rock being dropped and he could also see the deer running in a panic from left to right and also said he heard tree knocks and branches being broken and he also noted approximate times this all happened.

The owner brought up the idea of running atv’s to the back side of the property just to see if he could stir things up a bit because the activity seemed to be null for quite some time that night, the owner and his wife went on the run at approximately 1:00 a.m. and returned about twenty minutes later. Tim Stover and Ed Wilend decided that they were going to go investigate some of the lower areas close to camp and approximately ten minutes later after returning with the atv’s, Wayne Larsen, Melissa Hovey, Paul Hayes and the landowners heard a loud, long howl with the first one being what sounded like one mile away along with the second howl which seemed to be the same distance and a third howl which was much louder which seemed to be possibly 1/2 mile away from our location. Also, a return vocalization was heard from a location which was approximately ½ mile to a mile from Basecamp. Everyone at Basecamp sat quietly and observed these loud strange howl in amazement and much was discussed after. One of these unidentified vocalizations was captured by Wayne Larsen’s H2 Zoom recorder and is being analyzed at this time.

I am not releasing any of the evidence collected such as audio, video or any other type of evidence, so please don’t ask!. The evidence that was collected will be released at our discretion when we are ready to. If you have any questions or comments please email me directly with them.

Paul Hayes and I will answer your email as quickly as I can.








Layout of the Broken Neck Mountain Expedition


  Broken Neck Exp  


Howls recorded was between 400Hz and 600Hz (Picture by Michael Shaw)

  Broken Neck howl  


Please use headphones if available



By Paul Hayes

Report for Broken Neck Mountain II will be posted at a later date

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