Saturday, August 18, 2012

Physical Contact with Bigfoot!

One on one contact with the big hairy fellow
By Paul H.

I spoke to a gentleman on the phone lastnight about multiple sightings that occured at his home,he told me that this creature but didnt know it was bigfoot until later was looking in his windows many many times.The family would hear noises outside of the home on many occasions,there would be noises,grunting,small rocks thrown at the house and from time to time they would hear foot steps on the roof.They originally thought that this was a person looking in their windows and making the ruckus.

One night they were sitting in the house and this creature was staring in the windows and the two sons which were teenagers decided that they were going to run outside and tackle the man that was peering in.So they proceeded out of the door and chased this thing and the two sons tackled it and knocked it down to the ground and this creature bit one of the boys on the shoulder before brushing the kids aside.They said this thing pushed them away with such force that they thought that they were ragdolls.They also said that this creature was about 6ft tall so now they think it must have been a juvenile bigfoot,still to this day that area has activity from time to time and there are still howls late at night.


  1. Does the one that got bit have any scars? A scar would be valuable evidence. We could get a bite radius of the creatures mouth. How long ago did this happen. Did the boy's wash the clothes? There could be hair on them... Did the boy's give a descrption, smell, size of the creature? I find this very facinating.

    1. They didnt say if a scar was left and this sighting happened some time ago but until recently they didnt give out anymore info because they had problems with people critisizing ect....they also asked that I dont use names because they didnt want it to start all over again,but I can say it was in Stark Co. They said the creature was about 6ft tall