Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dan Baker "Buona artista" (Good Artist)

Lets talk about Dan Baker,I have met him and his wife Darla while at an Ohio Bigfoot Hunters gathering at Beaver Creek State Park. Dan and Darla are extremely nice people and Dan has a passion for scultping and has been making Bigfoot sculptures with fine detail with an estimated six weeks to perfect. Not many people have this kind of talent and it sure shows from all of the detail in his sculptures,every hair is made and placed by hand.Dan has made several other pieces and is currently working on "COTTON" which is turning out great!

For thousands of years mankind has been using sculpture as a primary means of artistic expression. In fact, long before the first record of history was recorded, sculpture was being used by primitive civilizations to document the world in which they lived. Sculpture was often used to represent any number of occurrences in people's lives from the very beginning. Sculpture was used to document the passage of time or environmental changes. Sculpture was also used to represent societal concerns, such as religion, politics, and morality.

Perhaps the popularity and apparent fascination of sculpture will never be explained. However, it is apparent that the artistic medium of sculpture is unique. Above all, sculpture allows the artist to have an intimate relationship with the work being created. Each time the sculptor uses their hands to create a unique work of art, whether or not the materials or subject matter continue to evolve.


  1. Hey dan, cotton is better looking......lol
    You have talent my brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love your work!