Saturday, August 18, 2012

Beaver Creek Experience off of Sprucevale Rd.

I wanted to recap on what happened on the weekend of August 10th 2012 at the Beaver Creek State Park during the Ohio Bigfoot Hunters Event. Saturday about 5:30pm a small group of us went on a hike off of Sprucevale Rd and we were going to take a hike back to Gretchens Lock area and Rich went ahead of us and Tim and Mike went off of the path into the wooded area looking for prints.I have been doing tree knocks and woops in that area,the last woop that I did,Tim answered it then we heard a third woop from across the creek.I stood near the creek and put my camcorder on record and did a sweep of the area across the creek and then I noticed that the camera didnt record.

I told Chris that I was attempting to record that area but it didnt,of course he made his smart comment and I proceeded to pan that area again while I recorded,again it didnt record so I attempted a third time and still nothing showing up on playback.We left that spot and proceeded deeper heading toward Gretchens Lock and the whole time my camcorder recorded everything once we left that original area where I tried to pan across the creek from us.I think that was odd the way it happened,does bigfoot have the capability to cause electronics to shut down or not function properly? I would like to know.

What I am about to tell you right now didnt happen at Beaver Creek but it happened at my home a few days ago.The wife was out on the back porch and she heard what she described at branches breaking just across the field,I went out and listened but heard nothing,I grabbed my camera and headed over to that area and once I got there I started filming that entire area but I didnt see anything so I started heading back home and I checked my camera but yet it didnt record again but it works any other time when I need to use it,this seems really strange to me and I dont know what is going on but I would like to find out.I know some people will say that I didnt press the record button or something,I did press it and it said recording on the viewing screen and it recorded everything except for the possibly activity.

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