Monday, August 6, 2012

North Carolina, County Rockingham Bigfoot Sighting.

The witness "Pete" called us on the afternoon of July 20, 2012, and discussed what was taking place in and around his residence in northern North Carolina for the past 5 months where a possible group of Sasquatch creatures have invaded his and his neighbor’s areas screaming and braking branches in the forested areas that adjoined his property. This gentleman was very credible and a very knowledgeable person to talk with, especially regarding what has been taking place around his residence.
This witness lives between a park on one side of a main two lane highway and a river on the back side of his property, and, after I Google Earthed his residential area, I can see that there is tree lined river and a large tree covered area on his property, and a good sized remote park across the highway from his residence. As to the possibility of these forest people, as he calls them, to be present there is kind of a unknown mystery at present, because there seems to be an abscence of deer in his area. The witness states that there are plenty of fish in the river that flows by his back yard, and that might be what the forest people are living off of at present, and of course whatever they can find for food in the adjacent area.
Pete usually sits on his deck in the evenings and again when he gets up around 3 am. He does leave for work at approximately 5 am, and so he spends a little time on his deck listening to these strange sounds, (i.e.) screaming and gibberish coming from around his home during evening and early morning hours. Pete can feel their presence, because all of the bugs and critters quit making any noise, and then he can feel low vibrations, or hear mechanical and or vehicle sounds emanating from around his residence; where there are no vehicles. This witness states that he has been using his son’s video camera in an attempt to capture the screaming sounds, but will require further assistance to transpose them to the computer where we might all listen to them.
Pete also states that there are more than one of them out there, but he has not seen any yet. He feels like there are possibly seven or eight of them in the area, because they would make knocking sounds like wood on wood knocking and that’s is how he knew that there were so many of them in that area. This witness began to use a similar knocking sound on a tree that was close to his residence, but after copying them for a short duration they seemed to show their disdain with him continuing to knock on wood. They possibly knocked down a very large tree or branch that made quite a loud noise that convinced Pete to stop making any more of his knocking sounds.
He told me a recent fact that a dog grooming business in that area has had several of their dogs that were staying there torn up and partially devoured, plus their dumpster has had something going through it, and possible removing any of the food stuffs that were present. This witness has seen foot prints in the 17” to 18” range in this area. At present I feel that Pete is in the presence of these forest people who seem to be living in and around his residence. At present Pete is in the process of befriending them, and hopefully he will be successful with this endeavor.

Richard Hucklebridge


  1. man all you need to do is add some pics to your blog and people will start saying shawn evidence, who

  2. Pure epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I
    have had some reports of dogs being mutilated while on chains. Back then I would have thought it was coyotes or big cats. Since my leaving Georgia as an animal control officer, I now wonder about some of the calls I had........