Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Bigfoot Story



I have had the privilege of talking to a wonderful Lady by the name of Donna,she has told me about some experiences that she had encountered along her way and I do find them fascinating. This story will contain photos taken by Donna to help you follow the story to experience what Donna and her friend went through.Please sit back,grab your coffee and enjoy,now I know some of you might find certain parts hard to believe but read the entire story,then decide,here it is and it is a long one.


Not sure if you want to hear the whole story of our bigfoot investigation but I thought maybe you would because our story also involves UFO's and a wolf and some other strangeness that we have encountered.  All of our investigations have been on private property. I don't want to name the exact area because we don't want a bunch of people coming out here looking for our bigfoot and bothering the neighbors who have been so generous and kind to us and allow us to tromp all over anytime we want to go out.  So, let's just say Southeastern Wisconsin.

I had read of a couple of bigfoot sightings in our area and my best friend, Jackie, and I were out walking the area hoping to talk to someone who had heard or seen something.  We found a lady who said she saw something but wasn't sure what. Her sighting occurred approx July 2011. She said she was pulling weeds at 10:30 one evening because she works and that's the only time she had to catch up.  She has outside lights around the house and some with motion sensors, so she had the lights on pulling weeds with her back to the scrub brush and the woods.  She heard an animal noise she could not describe & she didn't pay much attention.  She said she turned around & saw two big shiny yellow eyes looking at her and thought it must be an owl sitting on the fence post.  She heard it a 2nd time and it was such a weird noise and felt like whatever was making the noise was right behind her!  She said she realized the fence post was a few feet to the right of this creature and realized it was not an owl sitting on the fence post.  She said this time she could make out somewhat what it looked like.  It was probably 20 feet behind her standing in the weeds that were about 3 & 4 ft high looking at her.  But it looked like it was grinning at her or grimacing with both upper and lower teeth together showing its teeth. The lady said she didn't know how the creature was making the sound because it didn't look like it was making any noise when she turned around - it was just grinning.  She described to us the animal's noise as sort of a whistle & a deep growl & gurgle at the same time.  She later found a bigfoot sound on the internet on (the very 1st bigfoot sound on that website) that she said sounded just like it.

She described it as not any animal she has ever seen before. At first look, she thought she was seeing an owl on the post, but then saw that the post was on the other side of the creature a few feet away.  She described big round eyes-shining.  She thought the creature stood on 2 feet she thinks and she felt she was seeing it from the waist or chest and up (the weeds were covering its lower body) and the weeds were about 3 to 4 foot high and this creature was approx 4 to 5 ft taller than the weeds, so all total about 7 to 9 ft tall. She said that it had long hair, brownish in color. I asked her how wide it was and it looked like she motioned that it was 3 times her width (she's very small, tho). It didn't move, it just stood there as she stood staring at it.  She said she was so scared that she crawled over her rock garden wall & took off for the house and stayed inside for about 1/2 hour & then went back out & it was gone.
She said she doesn't go out after dark anymore.  She says she never heard of the bigfoot in her area although her sister-in-law told her of a bigfoot by the marsh nearby.  Her son told us that he has gotten the feeling before when he's been outside & it's eerie and like he is being watched but not always. 


Paul,  Jackie and I are arriving Thurs eve and staying thru till Sunday sometime.  We are also trying to get Nancy Snodgrass to come.  She has been visiting Salt Fork at least twice a week since she saw one there about 2 years ago.  She has pics of at least 5 or 6 that included juveniles and the mom was very exotic looking, like an alien cat!  Have you seen her pics?  She also says she has heard them talking, repeating what she & her friends were saying, and then she heard them say, we should leave her.  I think they are very used to her being there and come to see her sometimes, not face to face but very closeby.  She says she can hear the little ones playing nearby sometimes!  Hopefully, she will be there, too. She is a very down to earth, great lady and we believe her absolutely!

The mom who saw the bigfoot was so sweet and her children just like her that we talked for a long time.  We are always still in touch and get updates from the son (he's 21 or 22).  We talk to them if we are out and see them. The son said he has been in the woods next door a lot.  I asked him if he had ever seen any kind of stick structures or shelters that looked odd.  He told us that there appeared to be a shelter of some sort in the woods and would take us in there to look around.  Sure enough, there was quite a shelter!  And, it seems like it had 2 smaller rooms attached.  There were also a few other stick structures in the woods when we went in there.  I have attached pics of the shelter as it was the first time we saw it and a couple of the stick structures.  (see shelter pic #1484 & 1485) (stick structure #1537) (small room off main shelter where a rock was thrown #1492)

A few days later I went back and walked around their property to see if I could find any footprints.  I thought that I had found 1 and it was very large, about 17.5 inches long & about 8 or 9 inches wide.  That pic is also attached.  I had never casted a footprint before and it was going to rain soon so I ran to the store and got some of that expanding insulation and sprayed it into the footprint.  Well, it came out super large but at least I had something.  I wouldn't go into the woods by myself though, I had to wait for my best friend Jackie to come with me.  (1st footprint found on owners' property #1426)

When Jackie and I went into the woods that weekend, I was standing by myself taking pics of the smaller shelter when something went sailing by my left side and into the pine branches that were on the ground in that shelter.  Jackie was way off to my right and heard me yell but didn't hear anything thrown.  Now, you can see all the way thru these woods just about.  They are only about 1 square block in size so you would think if anything was in there, we would have seen it or heard it.  But we didn't.  It had to be a rock.  It wasn't a limb that fell or anything because I saw something go flying into those branches from my left side behind me!  And, it was daylight, so what happened, I don't know. 


1426 1484 1485    
  1492 1537  


So, to continue our story, Jackie & I haunted the woods in the area of the bigfoot sighting finding more stick structures going up every week in the woods next to the house where the lady saw the bigfoot.  We prowled the woods throughout the winter months.  We heard a couple of soft whistles nearby in the woods once and once while we were sitting in the car with the windows down, it sounded like "chuffing" noises nearby.  And, one other time another lady who was with us let out a squeal when the local cat was sitting in our car and jumped on her lap and in reply, we heard a howl that didn't sound like any of the local animals, but other than that, we didn't see a bigfoot or hear anything weird.

However, we always found plenty of what we think are bigfoot prints.  Throughout the winter months, they were always the same size and we think came from the same being because there seemed to be an anomaly about the left foot, as though the 2nd toe is missing or shorter than the 1st & 3rd toes on that foot. 

In Feb 2012, I found a footprint along the cornfield that looked like it would be good to cast & I attached a pic #1713 of the plaster in the print and then #1794 of the actual cast.  Same size as before, approx 17.5". 

That same month while out looking for bigfoot, I went behind this cornfield into another one and found a whole trail of prints, left, right, left, right, etc.  But the prints seemed to start out of nowhere and ended just as abruptly!  (See pics #1798 thru 1802).  I also found what I swear is a butt print of a bigfoot!  (See #1807) It looked like something with a big butt was sitting by a little pond and marshy area!  I also found along the side of the road in the ditch, a bigfoot print that had a piece of a banana peel stuck in it!  We had been leaving bananas and food for bigfoot in his woods. 

And, checking in with the lady who saw the bigfoot next door to see if there were any updates, she told us that the previous winter, she was always seeing footprints around the house in the snow and leading out to the creek near their property.  She dismissed it as her son sneaking out of the house at night but couldn't imagine where he was going or why or what he was wearing on his feet that made those prints! haha  She knows this didn't make sense because her son was 21 & didn't need to sneak out of the house and why would he walk when he had his own car, etc., but didn't think to ask him until she started thinking about the bigfoot that may have been leaving those prints all last winter! 

And, the son told me that he was sitting in his parents' SUV out in the driveway talking on the phone to his girlfriend about 1:30 a.m. in February and it was snowing.  He had the dogs out letting them run around the yard and was keeping an eye on them when something furry walked in front of the SUV!  The son said it had to be tall because he could only see a portion of the creature and he was sitting up high in the SUV!  The son is not prone to making any claims about seeing a bigfoot.  He has a job and goes to college and helps around the farm.  He was aggravated with his mom when she first said she saw some creature that scared her in the yard because she couldn't explain what it was.  And, until he thought he saw it walk in front of the SUV, I don't know that he was even interested in it really.  And, even today we have to prod him for updates.  He told us a couple of months ago after I texted him that he thinks he can hear something prowling around the house when he is in his bedroom on the 1st floor.  He said he thinks he has heard it growl/gurgle. 

1713 1794 1798 1799
1800 1801 1802 1807


So throughout the winter months, Jackie & I kept poking around the area and found lots of new stick structures and footprints.  We visited the same small area each week so we knew what structures were new and what footprints were new.  When it snowed, we tried to go out the next day.  Throughout the winter months, the footprints seemed to be of the same size and shape, meaning we think it was our same bigfoot and only the one in our area at that time.  


1837 1838 1839    






One thing that occurred during the winter months, was that one of our friends, Linda Godfrey (author of Beast of Bray Road, etc) wanted to put up her trail cam in bigfoot's main woods and aim it at his shelter and place some food so that if bigfoot went to grab the food, we would have his pic.  Jackie and I disguised the camera with branches, leaves, pine needles on a branch, etc., but I knew bigfoot was going to be too smart for that!  And, he was.  The only thing we got on the camera was the neighbor's dog trying to get the food.  The sad thing that occurred though, and I think it was a direct result of placing a trail cam near his shelter, was that we came back the next week or so and found that not only had he torn up some of his shelter and piled a lot of the sticks up in a neat stack nearby but he also, I believe, tore down the wonderful structure and the surrounding 10 ft in diameter area that was in the other woods nearby.  I have attached pics of before and after.  That's just the sense that I got when I saw what was done.  It would have been one thing if one area or the other was torn up, but these two areas are privately owned by different people and about a block apart.  It was just too much of a coincidence not to have been done by the bigfoot.  It seemed to me that he was angry.  See pics

1855 1915 1916    

We were nosing around the bigfoot woods one day after it snowed and were taking pics.  It wasn't until we got home and loaded the pics that we saw orbs in both SOME of Jackie's pics and SOME of mine.  In pic 1909 there is even what looks like a shiny starfish on a round orb towards the left of the pic.  Neither of us saw any orbs or any starfish looking thing or anything like it when we were taking the pics.  And, it absolutely was not snowing one flake that day! 


Then we started noticing a lot of very tall trees forming X's started appearing more and more in his woods.  To me, it means keep out or something.  They weren't all there before, it was just odd how he seemed to be frantically putting up more and more X's and teepees and other odd structures.  We thought maybe he wanted us to stay out but then a little later on, I think we began seeing the real reason! (pics 1891 & 1892)


In the meantime, we kept finding 17" (approx) prints and casted another one. 

In March 2012, things started getting weird.  Jackie and I were in bigfoot's woods where his big shelter is (it's only a 1 square block area surrounded by cornfields and a house).  I was standing by bigfoot's shelter and Jackie had wandered off in some other direction.  All of a sudden I heard a couple of branches breaking, no big deal really, and I didn't think too much of it because I thought that if it was a bigfoot, he would have made much more noise.  Then immediately I heard a loud rhythmic type of electronic buzzing coming from the same direction where the branches were breaking.  It was over to my right in the back of the woods where I was.  It sounded like, BUZZ BUZZ       BUZZ BUZZ      BUZZ BUZZ  - over and over for about 15 seconds.  It sounded like it was from a transformer or something.  I didn't think Jackie was over in that direction because last I saw her she was headed to the front of the woods.  I still didn't think anything of it other than maybe someone was using some type of equipment next door or in the cornfield or something.  Then I heard it again to my right but towards the front of the woods, still thinking, hmmmm, I wonder who's out there and what they're doing.  But I was getting a little frightened and called to see where Jackie was.  When she finally heard me I could tell that she was in the left front corner of the woods (opposite of where the buzzing was coming from this time).  I yelled for her to come back and as soon as she arrived next to me, we both heard that same buzzing coming from the front left corner of the woods this time, exactly where Jackie had just come from!  A little nervous, but it's daylight and you can see halfway thru the woods so we weren't too concerned yet.  We walked forward in the woods and Jackie sees a teepee made out of 40 ft trees with a 15 ft clearing inside, just grass no sticks, branches, weeds, etc. and very unusual for that area.  We had never seen a clearing like that in those woods before.  Well, Jackie stands in the clearing wondering what the heck it is and I was standing sort of next to her but outside that circle and teepee and all of a sudden the buzzing was circling Jackie.  The buzzing noise circled Jackie but there was NOTHING at all to be seen!  It started towards her feet and circled around till it was near her head and then 15 ft over her head and then nothing, just silence.  So, Jackie tries to take off running past me cuz now we are both scared to death!  I grabbed her ski jacket and wouldn't let go!  She's 15 years younger than me and much taller and can run a lot faster, too!  I told her she wasn't going to leave me in there because if they (we were thinking UFO) picked me up that I would make them land and get her, too!  haha I was serious though.  I knew I couldn't get out of those woods as fast as she could and I would be there alone.  Besides, I told her, what are you going to do, run out into an empty cornfield where it will be easier for them to pick you up?  By now it's almost dusk and both of us were looking over our heads into the sky and then farther out into the sky to see if there was something visible leaving or coming back for us.  We didn't see anything except for a couple of stars and the moon was coming out.  So, we did what any smart girls would do, we got the heck out of there and went home! 

The very next morning after the buzzing in the woods incident, I got a call from Linda Godfrey that a young lady who goes to her church had called her because she knows Linda researches the dogman, etc.  The young lady said she saw a huge oversized wolf with glowing blue eyes sitting at the end of the road where our bigfoot lives where it meets the highway at 2 am that same night that Jackie and I heard the buzzing in the woods!  This girl was on her way home from working at a bar in Janesville.  We are not supposed to have wolves in our area but of course, there can always be one who ventures our way.  But this wolf frightened this girl enough that she called Linda and reported what she had seen.
Well, guess what happens then?  Jackie and I went back that week and started finding big wolf prints around our bigfoot's woods!  The prints were pretty large and deep (approx 5" pic #7)  And, they couldn't just be normal wolf prints, a couple 2 or 3 prints looked like they had a thumb instead of a toe  and a few looked like to Linda (remember she researches the dogman) like maybe the wolf was walking on its 2 hind legs only sometimes!  I don't know, I just know that a few of them looked like a wolf's footprint with part of the leg leaving an impression too .  We also took pics of the dog in the area and measured his footprint & took pics of that and even tho he is a big dog, his prints were only about 2" long.
And, I just have to send you my all time fav pic because it's the only print we could ever find in bigfoot's woods because the ground in there is covered with pine needles and leaves/sticks, etc.  In this pic, it must have been muddy that day and it was next to the big shelter & it looked like his foot actually slid under a small tree root but it is trimmed in moss so I love it!

The next week after the buzzing in the woods, Jackie and I were heading out to our bigfoot area on a Sunday afternoon at 3 pm.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  As we were heading down the highway at about 55 mph, we see a young man walking on the shoulder of the road heading in the direction we were coming from.  He is on the opposite side of the road.  We both immediately noticed that he looked like he had been living under a pile of leaves for at least a year!  He obviously had long hair that if clean and combed would be way past his shoulders, but it was so dirty and matted, it just hung in a ball at his neck.  He had a plaid flannel shirt on and a hooded sweatshirt, jeans, and canvas shoes.  As we were coming up to him and about to pass him, we looked at him and he looked up at us from under a bit of a heavier brow, and his eyes looked like they were rimmed in black.Then Jackie and I both screamed at exactly the same moment because not only did he look like a scary homeless guy, but his mouth and teeth were shocking!  I don't know how to describe it exactly, but I did draw a pic of him for Linda Godfrey.  I will get it back from her and email it to you.  His mouth area looked like it protruded kind of like an ape's mouth.  Very wide lips that were showing both his upper and lower teeth in a grimace/grin.  And, his freakin' teeth were twice as big as mine! Jackie said he looked like he had fangs, too, but I didn't see that.  She had a better look at him than I did because I was driving.  His teeth were also perfectly straight. AND, they were yellow with brown and green streaks!  He looked at us with that grimace/grin and I got the feeling that he knew us and he knew he was scaring us, and like it was an inside scary joke between the 3 of us!  Like he was thinking, yeah it's me and I know you've been looking for me, now I scared you and what are you going to do?

Well, Jackie and I said we have to get a pic and video of this.  So we made a u-turn as quickly as possible and went back.  I swear I wanted to pull over and take his pic when we caught up with him but I thought that he was going to shapeshift and turn into a wolf or something and jump in the truck bed!  So, we came back and went about a block past him and pulled into a road next to an old cemetery and were waiting for him to come past us.  In the meantime, Jackie's telling me, give me your cellphone, give me your cellphone.  And, I asked her why and she said she had to call the police.  I laughed and asked her what she was going to say, that we just saw a werewolf or bigfoot shapeshifting?  So, we decided we had to call Linda and tell her what was going on.  She told us we had to get a pic and/or video and we had the equipment with us and were ready for him when he walked past us.  All of a sudden, a brand new white van with a raised roof and no signs or lettering of any kind on it pulled over.  Jackie said, they're going to pick him up and I said no one is going to pick up a hitchhiker who looks like that.  But that's what they were doing. Now we couldn't see if they put him in the van or if he went willingly, because there was a big tree in the cemetery blocking part of the view, but I saw the sliding doors on the van open and that guy disappeared into the van.  The van then makes a fast u-turn right in the middle of the highway and takes off back the way it came which was the opposite direction of the way that guy was walking. So, I have to turn around and pull back out onto the highway to follow them, because we want to know just what the hell was going on.  All I did was turn our truck around quickly, & pull out onto the highway.  That van went around the curve and we never saw it again even though I drove 70 mph and we looked left and right to make sure the van hadn't turned down another road and we drove all the way, about 8 miles, to the next town and drove thru town and back and never saw that van again!  Then about 2 months later, Chasing UFO's, that new TV series, had a show about people witnessing and videotaping UFO's and being watched and followed by people in white vans with raised roofs! And, I always thought the Men in Black drove black SUV's! haha

Of course, we continued to find many, many wolf prints by our bigfoot's woods and it appears to be just 1 wolf from the prints.  About 2 weeks later, my husband and I were driving back to our home in Milton on a country road and we were within 1/8 mile of the city limits and it was about 7pm.  It was just getting dusk and my husband starts to slow way down and I look to the right side of the road and thought he was slowing down for a deer.  He thought he was slowing down for a deer, too.  Well, it was no damned deer!  It was a wolf that was about 36 or 37" tall coming across the road right in front of us.  It appeared to be a brown timber wolf.  It just slowly trotted across the country road, looked at us and kept going into the field.  It was no more than 20 ft in front of our car.  And, our DNR will tell you that there are no wolves in our area at all.  It absolutely was not a coyote, even my husband said right away, that's a wolf, that's not a coyote!  How many coincidences does someone have to have before you say to yourself that something very strange is going on?  We live about 10 miles from our bigfoot sight.  And, the homeless guy was heading for our city when he was picked up.  Jackie's friend also said that he had seen what looked like a wolf and it ran across the road in front of him but he saw it the week before we saw it and this was halfway between our house and the bigfoot woods. 

I always though and would still like to think that bigfoot is just an unknown being close to human.  I know and believe weird things go on in this world, but not to people like Jackie and me.  I have 2 grown boys and have worked since I was 15.  I volunteer for an animal organization and have for 13 years.  Jackie works at the post office and has only had 1 other strange thing happen in her life before (well besides her boyfriends haha).  And, she didn't even remember this until her mom reminded her when she was telling her mom about what was going on with us.  And, we absolutely would each take a lie detector test anytime and anywhere.  No one is going to believe these stories but there's nothing we can do about that.  We just want to put our story out there because sometimes you just need to pour your heart out to others because you yourself can't believe this is going on!  You can't make this stuff up either.  If we did, we would have probably said we saw a bigfoot, but in all this time we haven't.  We think we are very close to seeing one, though!

Anyway, Jackie and I have mostly been looking for bigfoot during the daylight hours mostly because we are too scared to go into the woods at night alone! haha  Well, that isn't getting us a sighting, so we decide we have to sit out there at night even if we stay in the truck and see if we hear anything or see anything. 

The only nights we can stay out there late are Saturday nights because Jackie works 6 days a week and gets up at 4:30 am but she's off on Sundays.  Our first night that we went really late was the Saturday night before Easter.  We arrived at our bigfoot's area and parked off the road facing bigfoot's woods.  In between the road and bigfoot's woods is a cornfield.  It's no more than a block across the empty cornfield from us to bigfoot's woods.  We parked there because a bigfoot was seen crossing there before.  We arrived about 9 pm and sat there in complete darkness listening and watching with the windows partially down.  All of a sudden I saw a big (approx 2 or 3 ft diameter) white orb at the front of the woods.  I said to Jackie, "Do you see something?"  And, she said, "You mean that white orb in the woods?" Then we saw another one and then farther back in the woods.  Then an entire 40 ft tree sort of lit up.  And, then we see a white light flying in from far out in the sky towards us and the bigfoot woods.  Well, it was pretty low by the time it was within a half mile from us and I said that I didn't think a plane would fly that low.  And, it was only a round white light and by the time it stopped, it hovered at the top right front side of the bigfoot's woods next to the trees just outside the woods but no higher than the 50 ft trees!  And, since we listened and could hear not a sound and because we could then see a red light at the bottom, which then changed to a white circle light with a red rim around it, we freaked out because that can only mean one thing to us!  It's an unknown flying object.  It hovered in the same spot for 45 mins.  It also changed shape sometimes to a bell shape, sometimes it looked like a cigarette shape, sometimes it would fade out completely only to come back on very soon after. We had forgotten our binoculars and I tried to get video but I was not just about to get out of the truck.  In fact, when it first arrived, Jackie started tearing through our coats and sweatshirts in the truck and I said what are you doing?  She said we have to hide from the UFO.  I said that I thought they knew we were there if they had a ship like that! haha  She also said that we had to get out of there but I told her I didn't want to start the truck and have the lights come on and then they come after us and we end up on the UFO getting probed! haha  While we were watching, it was there for so long and Jackie had to pee so instead of opening the door and the lights coming on, she rolled the window down all the way and climbed out and peed next to the truck and climbed back in.  Pretty soon, I couldn't stand it any longer because I had to go, too, but there's no way I could climb in and out so I opened the truck door, got out and peed and got back in.  The UFO didn't do anything to us!  Whew!  We couldn't see if the UFO was doing anything or if there was anyone on it or anything.  It was so dark that night and without binoculars, we couldn't see much else. 

After about 45 minutes, the UFO moved back towards the duck pond where I am sure bigfoot goes for dinner and water.  Oh, and just before the orbs arrived, we heard the geese way over to the left by the creek getting all crazy and then it sounded like one was in great distress and you could hear it going from the creek crossing the back cornfields and going behind the bigfoot woods sounding like it was being killed and carried to bigfoot's woods.  I am not saying it was bigfoot or the wolf but something had that goose and took it from the creek to the back of the woods and then there was silence. 

So, the UFO hovers over the duck pond for about 15 mins and then moved farther back and hovered over the marshes for about 15 minutes and then disappeared.  We tried to drive to the marshes and look for it but never saw it again that night. 

And, the next 5 Saturday nights we were out there by bigfoot's woods and the freaking UFO would fly in from the same part of the sky (west/northwest) and hover but after the first visit, it stayed mostly over the duck pond and then by the marshes.  One time we saw that it had something similar to searchlights shining straight down, then directly ahead and then overhead.  We also saw it change into other shapes on subsequent visits. Sometimes it was all white and looked like barbells, sometimes we also saw blue lights and sometimes green lights, and of course the red light at the bottom sometimes and circled in red sometimes, too.  It would also fade out and come back on.  But this UFO arrived between 8pm and no later than 10 pm 5 weeks in a row.  It could have been out there on other nights, but we weren't there to see it.  One time it was cloudy and had been raining some but had stopped and the freaking clouds parted and the UFO flew in and the clouds closed again behind it and when it left the same thing occurred.  It always came from the same area of the sky tho.  Jackie and I would get bored with watching it hover over the duck pond and we wanted to see what was going on over there so we drove around the curve and when we arrived at the duck pond, we couldn't see the UFO.  We don't know what happened to it. 

Then in the last 2 visits, the UFO came by the duck pond but then went back by the marshes and the last time we saw it we tried to follow it through the countryside but it was hard to track due to the hills and curves and trees and it was flying very low.  We saw it change from white barbells to 2 red circles that time and then we lost it.  We came back the next week to see it and the darned thing never showed up at all.  We were sitting outside in front of the duck pond waiting for it in our lawnchairs!  I was pissed that it didn't show up-imagine that!  So, I took a pic of the woods with the sky above it and then a pic of Jackie and Leah Ann and we gave up and left.  About a month later, I had my class reunion and took pics there.  When I downloaded those pics to my computer, I found the pic of the woods that I had taken the night the UFO didn't show up and almost fell over when we saw the white barbell shaped UFO in the sky in the pic and 2 red orbs in the woods below.  Those were absolutely not there that night that we could see. And, it's not a double exposure of the moon because the moon was over our left shoulders & over bigfoot's woods that night.  Leah Ann has a pic she took of the moon that night over bigfoot's woods.  The moon was not over the duck pond that night while we were there.  I am attaching my pic of the UFO.  It looks just like the barbell shape it takes sometimes and the red orbs in the woods below look just like the shape it took that night we tried to follow it.

And, in spite of going out at night there on Saturdays, we have never seen it again.  The only thing we can figure is that because it didn't rain in our area at all for 2 months and both the duck pond and the creek were dried up, that maybe our bigfoot had moved over by Lake Koshkonong where there was still water.  And, where our bigfoot goes, we figure that's where the UFO goes.  I don't think bigfoot wants to go with the UFO because by the time we saw the UFO the first time, bigfoot or something started building almost frantically in his bigfoot woods.  Those woods were absolutely covered in structures, mostly huge x's and teepees!  I got the feeling that bigfoot wanted them to leave him alone but who knows? 

Then recently, we went over by the duck pond and the soil gets very mushy the closer you get to the center of where the pond used to be and we found a trail of the large prints and then casted a large print with a much smaller print very closeby.  So, by this time, there are now 4 different size prints in our area.  

Pic 12 is the only one we got of the UFO and the red orbs in the woods and I didn't even know I had it and Pic 13 is Jackie and Leah Ann acting scared because the damned UFO didn't show up for the first time that night, we thought! 

Oh, and the theory that bigfoot moved closer to the lake might be supported by a report by a lady in our bigfoot's area having a sighting of what she described as a cedar colored very large animal on its hands and knees trying to hide in the ditch when they drove by.  She wouldn't talk to us in front of her husband because he would make fun of her so she told us the whole story when he wasn't at home.  She said that he didn't see anything because he was driving and the critter was on her side of the road.  Jackie and I found the spot where she saw it and there is a very large ditch there and if something wanted to, he could walk in a tunnel of trees in the ditch for about a mile without ever being seen.  This area is closer to water and maybe this was our bigfoot?  Who knows.  We also found some kind of strange stick structure by the tree where this creature was seen, too.  I took pics of that. 

The last part of our story occurred on Aug 18, 2012.  For the last three weeks, we have been looking around some more woods just a block or two from where the lady saw a bigfoot behind her.  We had been in these woods before but only in the very front of the woods where we found the intricate bigfoot stick structure that was torn down after a trail cam was put up in the other woods if you remember the story previously. The first week, we entered at the front of the woods and were poking around in there and after being in there for about 1/2 hour, we were just standing looking at something and heard something that we could both only describe as a belch.  It was very nearby (within 20 ft) but it wasn't really loud and obnoxious or anything.  We didn't see anything at all nor did we hear anything else much in there.  I know there were no other humans in there.  It's private property and we were talking and walking around and if someone was in there, we would have known.  The next 2 visits we tried entering these woods from the side of the property.  Both times we did this, within 5 minutes of entering the woods, we have heard something take 3-4 steps and then stop.  It could be a deer but you would think that as we headed towards the object, a deer would probably keep going?  I don't know.  Maybe not.  I don't really know how deer act.  This last time we heard the steps, Jackie headed to the right and I headed to the left and we were going to try and circle around it.  The first time we heard the steps we just stood there waiting for something to happen, but this time we decided we weren't going to just stand there.  We each walked quickly but separately.  I had zero fear as I headed out to circle around to the left.  After about 25 steps, I got such an overpowering sense of fear that I stopped and froze in that spot.  I could not go any further and I couldn't go anywhere!  I was frozen.  I hadn't seen anything but I thought I might have heard something very faintly but I don't know at all what it was.  When I finally found my voice, I yelled for Jackie and until I could see her coming towards me, I couldn't move! 
Well, we didn't find anything other than stick structures in the woods, but then I saw a big limb falling straight down through a tree on the outside of these woods next to the cornfield.  It must have fallen from at least 40 feet up.  Jackie heard it too, but didn't see it.  I tried to find the tree and we both tried to see if there was anything up in any of those trees, but by the time we got to about the point of where the tree was, I wasn't sure which tree the branch fell through anymore.

Also, prior to this last visit, Jackie and I left fruit, candy, cinnamon rolls, light up toys, glow sticks and the quartz crystal rocks, and rose crystal quartz & amethyst near a stick structure for our bigfoot as an offering. When we returned the next week, most of the food was gone but everything else was still there.  We thought other animals probably ate the food.  Well, it was dark as we were about to leave the woods, and I thought I would take a couple of pics in the dark of stick structures.  There was nothing there nearby but when I loaded the pics, one of them appears to have a partial face where you can see eyes, a heavy brow and hair, in the upper right hand corner where there appears to be some white mist or something.  There is a face that is sideways and you can see that the eyes are looking straight ahead and it morphs almost into another face that is vertical and the eyes are looking to the side.  I sent the pic to Doug Waller and he asked me to post it.  Everyone says they can see the partial faces.  Fred Saluga told me to blow the pic up and take a look at it with a magnifying glass. I did that not expecting to see anything else in that pic, but sure enough I can see the face of a wolf just above the faces in the mist.  It's not in the white mist, but it's brown.  It doesn't look like a scary wolf, which is a relief.  It looks like a nice wolf face.  And, once I knew where the wolf face is, I can see it without the magnifying glass now.  I read on Facebook somewhere that if you leave an offering for bigfoot, the goal is to receive something back from them.  Well, maybe this pic was their offering to us?  Afterall, all I ever wanted was just to see a bigfoot. 


Well that is all to the story folks,I know it was long but an interesting read,I want to thank Donna for sharing this and please don’t forget to comment with what you think about this,I am sure Donna would like to know your oppinions.









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  1. I thought your story was very informing and interesting,I have heard a bigfoot at night when we were in our RV,about 3:00 in the morning.My husband was asleep so he didnt hear anything,it was a long howl/ scream type of noise that automaticaly gave me chill bumps and my pitbull that sleeps with us....jumps up and barks with her hair standing up on her back. I beleive what you are talking about...I wouldnt be so brave as to hunt the woods for him or her.I think they should be left alone to live their lifes as they choose!! :-)