Thursday, August 2, 2012

Something Strange in The woods WAS IT BIGFOOT STARING

While hiking on trail suddenly to my left I noticed about 35-40 yards away something dark figure turn slightly peeking(peep)over blown down trees at me .IT was not moving at all and I could’nt make out any facial features at that distance.So I started to feel uneasy about the situation and decided to film as I was leaving area hoping to see more of the body mase at different angle along the trail.AS I came around couple of trees dark figure seemed to disappear kind of sneakily ,so at that time I did’nt film anymore because a” Thought “came to me how a BEAR will hide and I sure was’nt going into those down trees looking for trouble.When I got home and uploaded film I noticed more of the dark figure seemed to be crouching or squatting behind blown down trees .At that moment my mind started to wonder (WAS IT BIGFOOT STARING AT ME) I will go back to area later “check it out” for prints as it was starting to Sleet / rain as I was leaving NOTE: I don’t have the best camera it was at full zoom the whole time and Beginning to lightly” rain with ice ” overcast sky .Key Words Only ::::: etc. SASQUATCH,GRASSMAN,SKUNKAPE,WILDMAN, YETI ,YOWIE possible SIGHTINGS, only info! East tennessee side crytpozoology explore exploring volunteer state

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