Thursday, August 16, 2012

Does Bigfoot have Six Sense? Ancestor of Sharks, Humans Had Sixth Sense

Ancestor of Sharks, Humans Had Sixth Sense

Skate EmbryoDoes Bigfoot possess this skill? Will we ever know?
The common ancestor of sharks and humans -- and all jawed animals with a backbone for that matter -- possessed a sixth sense: the ability to detect electrical fields

The anatomical tools for this ability, called electroreceptors and electrosensory ampullary organs, arose from the same cell population in both cartilaginous fishes (such as sharks and skates) and bony fishes (such as sturgeons and paddlefish) along with some salamanders, concludes the study, published in the journal Development.

Amazingly, scientists have a pretty good idea of what this ancient relative of both sharks and humans looked like.
"The last common ancestor of jawed vertebrates was a fish that lived approximately 450 million years ago, and we can infer certain aspects of its anatomy based on features that are present in both of its descendant lineages," Gillis said. It make me wonder if bigfoot has this sense because of shying away from game cameras and electronic equipment.


  1. Paul, you may have stumbled on some thing. Many think that the creature shy away from cameras because they think it is a weapon. But then agaian maybe the creature does have that sixth sense and is more intelligant than we all thought.............

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