Sunday, July 29, 2012

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Earlier last month, we talked about how 2011 was the best year for the Sasquatch since the 70′s. It seemed that every other day Bigfoot was messing with someone’s carscaring college students, or even getting shot. Much of this new surge of cryptozoological interest was fueled by Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot, a reality show about, well, trying to find Bigfoot. Now in it’s second season, the series has become a must watch for Squatch fans and angry cryptozoologists.
Well, it would seem that the interest in Bigfoot isn’t waning any time soon, because Original Media, the company behind shows like LA Ink and Swamp People, are ready to hit the cable market with their own Bigfoot hunting reality series.
So what’s going to separate their show from Finding Bigfoot? For starters, this series revolves around a competition with half a million on the line.
After seeing the Elmira Bigfoot Watch’s Tim Holmes in promos for our documentary film The Bigfoot Hunter: Still Searching, the producers didn’t waste any time pegging him for the show, and Tim was nice enough to forward us some information he received from the company in charge of casting the series, which mostly consisted of questions and vaguely worded tv-talk:
“This new series on a Major Cable Network will bring together the nation’s most elite Bigfoot reseachers and follow their pursuit of concrete, verifiable proof of the beast’s existence. The race to find Bigfoot is on, with a substantial cash prize to whomever finds proof first!”

When he was done demanding that we become members of the Elmira Bigfoot Watch because “this Who Farted thing isn’t really working out” for us, Tim gave a few specifics from his meeting with the producers, namely, that they have contacted a wide range of Sasquatch chasers (including the awesome Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie’s Dallas Gilbert) and plan on pitting them against one another for a prize of half a million dollars. The producers plan to pay pay for 8 weeks worth of expeditions for each team or individual, and in return, hope to bottle some of the competition and rivalry that cryptozoology is famous for.
So essentially, it’s Finding Bigfoot meets Paranormal Challenge if the latter actually had a prize for the winning team.
When can we hope to see this series on the air? Your guess is as good as ours, as the show doesn’t even have a name yet. But for what it’s worth, the crew is flying in from Los Angeles to shoot with Tim on the 14th of next month, so it’s a safe bet that they’re looking for a fall release. We’ll be sure to update with more information as we get it.
Tim Holmes vs. Dallas Gilbert in a battle for Bigfoot hunting superiority? Of course I’d watch that!

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