Monday, July 30, 2012

Food Cooking May Have Led to Attack

The story goes like this: Gary and Sondra Ellison were living in an old campground on Sanders Creek, a tributary to the Illinois River and around 25 miles from Agness, Oregon. The couple had been living around the area because of a recent downturn in their income. One day in December of 2009 they were given a gift of Salmon from a local person in Agness.

That afternoon they began cooking the fish in a skillet on an open fire at the camp. It was then the couple claims to have had a very large creature, walking upright on two legs, come into camp and start throwing very large rocks at them. They retreated into the motor home to watch the hairy monster take the cooked Salmon off a plate and eat it.

Then they reported the creature turned on the motor home and began shaking it. The creature then broke out a side window at the door while Gary and Sondra were on the floor in the back bed area. Then the creature walked around the motor home looking into the camper. After ten minutes or so the two-legged creature walked back into the heavy woods.

The couple waited for some time to make sure the creature was gone before gathering up their belongings outside and then leaving the campground. Sondra sustained a broken shoulder blade from one of the large rocks thrown.

The couple reported the attack only to be ridiculed and laughed at. It was noted that large rocks and broken glass were found at the site along with some big footprints.

Sorry Folks,but thats all I have at this time.