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Bigfoot Encounters


Early July, 2012 Edition

EVIDENCE EXHIBIT ONE: The Original Article on Larry Lund,
from THE COLUMBIAN, October 26, 2005
Is BIGFOOT ENCOUNTERS a Reliable Source?

The old Bigfoot-related web site, Bigfoot Encounters has been for years a very useful and rather extensive resource of historical materials on the Bigfoot/Sasquatch phenomenon. It is run quite diligently by one whose initials are "B.S.", and purports to be some kind of ARCHIVE and annals of Bigfooting. It is indeed a rather vast collection of articles and information, much of it otherwise lost to time and age. Much of it, though, is copyrighted material, appropriated to the site and incorporated into pages bearing the BFE logo and style, which also will not allow copying and pasting for citation and quoting. "Fair Use" is claimed, but really does not apply to the full-scale appropriation of material owned by others. Occasional use as such is generally tolerated on the internet for historical purposes, but to found a whole web site on it is a rather blatant mis-use of the Fair Use doctrine. The only thing that really lets this slip by is that the site is non-commercial (this will change when the proprietor's book comes out, however, sometime this year, supposedly).

B.S., in the one common photo of
her available, as no one seems to
have saved the beach bunny one
she used to use on the old IVBC.
What the site DOES do, beyond mostly nobly preserving this useful information, is to FURTHER THE AGENDA of Ms. B.S. It generally does so subtly, but often glaringly, as in the case with her manipulation and alteration of an article about long-time Bigfoot researcher, Larry Lund. It actually adds DEFAMATORY statements INTO the transcribed article. This is not only a form of misinformation and distortion, it is (in my opinion, though I am no lawyer) a form of libel. Her web site, ostensibly some kind of "archive," is shot through with these kind of things, manipulations, alterations, additions, and mythifications along the lines of her own ideology and belief system. The question arises, How do we know what is real, and what has been manipulated. Is this a form of "hoaxing"? What is her agenda? Case in point, especially: The (Supposed) Bluff Creek Bigfoot Massacre. Primary ideology: Bigfoot is Human. They killed a family of them in Bluff Creek, and hence John Green and the others, in the eyes of BFE, are "murderers." I have caught outright fabrications inserted into her Bluff Creek timeline. A real shame, it is, that such a great collection of materials can be brought into question by such machinations. Here follow a few examples. Stick around for the rest of the Lund article issue, the original article of which may be found by clicking the image above.

For background, read this blog's MINI-INTERVIEW WITH LARRY LUND, from last year, for a taste of the kind of cool guy he is.

If you are already aware of these preceding issues, skip down to see the alterations that Bigfoot Encounters has made to a publicly published newspaper article, with the obvious sole intent to disparage and damage the reputation of a long-time fellow Bigfoot researcher.
If you know of any other instances of such memory-hole alterations of the facts on BFE, do let me know so they may be posted here.
The image of Patterson with "Juvenile Tracks" that
B.S. claimed was taken around the time of the "Labor
Day Trip" to Bluff Creek, showing the tracks he
supposedly got at that time.

A listing in the California Sightings section used to mention Roger Patterson being in Bluff Creek over the Labor Day weekend, 1967, such trip never being substantiated with proof. I asked B.S. repeatedly to come forth with proof of this supposedly "historical" assertion, but she would not. It is normally understood that Patterson and Bob Gimlin were in the Mt. St. Helens area at that time searching for Sasquatch, not in California. Checking today I notice that the listing has now been changed to: "Summer, 1967 Roger Patterson poured a plaster of paris cast of a left and right 9" child's track and shows Al Hodgson the tracks while he was up there."There is really only one reason that someone who believes the Patterson-Gimlin Film is real would want to place Patterson there earlier than mid-late October of that year, and that is to support the MK Davis so-called "Massacre Theory." Ms. B.S. is an advocate of this theory.

Still, to this very day, despite all the refutation of the photos, the "Massacre," and of any visit by Bob Titmus to the PGF site until days AFTER the filming, the Bigfoot Encounters page manipulating John Green's Obituary for Bob Titmus still bears the MK Davis Massacre-related stills supposedly showing Titmus on the site at the time of filming, supposedly sometime in August or September, with the rifle in his hands and the tracking dog there. This is not only a dishonor to Titmus and Green, it is a blatant manipulation of the truth. Even in the search result summary, I'd assume from some kind of metatag or keyword in the page code, she drops this little bit of slurring insult: "Bob Titmus obituary, John Green exposed as a liar himself re: the Patterson film...". NICE.. and of course, the article does nothing to prove this accusatory hearsay. B.S. substantiates this by saying she has certain papers, that of course only SHE has; so, I guess, whenever B.S. wants to insult someone all she has to do is cite her SECRET personal collection. Or maybe she'll cite one of the false lies she's inserted into the "archives" on her web site?

Chiazzari and Green.
Go see: http://www.bigfootencounters.com/stories/btitmus.htm

The REAL person who is shown in those photos is the pilot who flew Green, Moffit and Dahinden along with the dog down from Canada. This person has recently surfaced and emphatically declared that it was HE who is shown in those photos. His name? Keith Chiazzari. On January 17th of 2012 he posted this as a comment on this blog:
"I was the pilot of the Cessna 185 that flew John Green, Rene Dahinden and Dale Moffit to Bluff Creek on the 28th August 1967 returning to Chilliwack on the 31st and still have my pilot's logbook to prove it. The photo does not show Bob Titmus but me aged 24. I have posted some photos on other Bigfoot websites. The theory that a massacre took place is laughable!"

Chiazzari and Moffit.
Read BILL MILLER'S refutation of the Titmus-at-the-Massacre Theory,
HERE, in two parts, PDF documents:

Read the CRYPTOMUNDO article on this, The Massacre Files: The Blue Creek Mountain Pilot
HERE: http://www.cryptomundo.com/cryptozoo-news/bluecreekmtn/

In one article that has since been deleted after I published an expose on parts of it, B.S. mentioned "splicing" done to the PGF to hide a certain "something" at the start. It was a very lengthy article that never came out and said directly why the splicing was done, but by implication and innuendo it was made more than clear. It included this image, to which I've added some titles. It reveals just about ALL you need to know about the beliefs of B.S. about what happened that day in Bluff Creek when the film was shot. It also explains her vehement hatred of John Green, Bob Titmus, and anyone allied with them... she thinks they are murderers.

Here is the Bigfoot Encounters LARRY LUND ARTICLE web page altered version, with defamatory commentary added in by B.S. as if these statements were part of the original article. The commentaries added to the article below are from Larry Lund himself. The parts I've bolded in red are the lines that B.S. added. In no way may the BF Encounters article be construed as satire or humor, as it is in no way indicated, and the article is presented in a wholly straightforward way, as if this were the way it was published.

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